Surveillance as a Service

We are investigators – investigators of the highest caliber! 

From surveillance, to special investigations, we know how to solve problems and learn details!  We shoot high definition video and ultimately solve cases and report the facts back to you, efficiently.  This allows you to make decisions based on facts, facts that you can trust. 

Trust, is one major key to our success.  We build a relationship with you and your teams, and we will get to know you on a first name basis.  Relationships build trust and when we report our findings, you can count on them.  We hold ourselves to a higher standard, creating trust and long-lasting customer relationships by establishing a clear pathway to meet our obligations.

We are not trying to be a huge nationwide company that claims to handle everything everywhere.  Those companies are not providing you with what you need, they simply can’t.  We focus on the fewest connections or layers between YOU and the investigator in the field.  This sends a direct message of your needs and expectations to the ones actually getting the facts, details, or surveillance video. 

When you have too many managers trying to manage too many regions and supervise too many field investigators, what you get is a diluted product that won’t hold up!  We have seen this enough times to know, because we often get hired to clean up the messes left by them.