Insurance Fraud Investigations

Fraud is a Cancer!

We know how to investigate fraud, period!  Our methods are tried and tested!  Our methodology is different than all others in our space.  We take a psychological approach. 

Our methods of analysis to each subject and file gives us a perspective that arms us with the likely “how to” and allows us to see into a person’s intentions.

We recognize fraud.  Given the opportunity to get in to a file early, we can recognize the antecedents and red flags before it’s too late and before you get too far in to a claim.  Let us determine if the accident or incident even actually happened! 

Let us dig into your claim file!  Did it happen at work?  Is it even compensable?  Were there witnesses or surveillance video?  Electronic surveillance video is only available for a short time.  We know how to get it fast! 

WHAT COMES NEXT?!!!  This is ONE of our keys to success.  Knowing what comes next in an investigation is the most important thing in evidence gathering! 

As we learn information, knowing immediately where to look next, knowing who to ask next, and how to gather the information – even knowing what information is available – is key.  If you don’t know a database exists, then you won’t know to look there next!