Drones - How We Use Them in Investigations


The proper use of drones by professionally trained operators is an exciting service that we provide to the insurance industry.  Drones can more quickly inspect areas that are not accessible by ground.

  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Large Loss Investigations
  • Catastrophe Claim Work
  • Roof Inspections
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Disaster Site Survey

Drone technology provides a critical aerial view and a visual depiction that before was unavailable.

DIC4 has the capability to provide aerial drone technology – a critical technology in intelligence gathering for investigators, first responders, accident reconstruction, roof inspections, and scene investigations.

Drone technology provides a critical aerial view and a visual depiction that before was unavailable.

With scene and fatality investigations, we are your eyes and ears on the ground and in the air, gathering facts, to determine exactly what happened, take scene photos and then we’ll fly the drone over the scene and trace the path. We can combine that with accident reconstruction, if necessary, and produce a visual depiction of the scene and the corresponding circumstances or events that lead up to the accident. Ultimately, this technology allows us to simply gather better information for our clients.

What Are The Laws In Our Service Areas?

Unmanned Aerial Systems, better known as drones, aren't necessarily a new technology anymore, but laws are still evolving regarding the use of drones. 

Florida: Criminal Code §934.50 - 
Drones may not be used for surveillance in violation of another party's reasonable expectation of privacy; including law enforcement without a valid search warrant

Georgia: NONE

Iowa: NONE

Kansas: NONE

Nebraska: NONE

Texas: Government Code §411.062 -
Creates the role of a director to adopt rules for the use of drones in the capital complex.
Government Code §423.002(a) -
Clarifies the legality of using drones to capture images by certain professionals (such as photographers), with the requirement that individuals are not identifiable in images unless they have given express permission
Government Code §423.0045 - 
Prohibits the use of drones over "critical infrastructure facility," such as chemical and power plants or dams

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