Monitoring Systems

DIC4 Security sells, installs, and upgrades legacy security systems to the latest IP based Internet video surveillance cameras for home or commercial applications. We also monitor and track activity at your location from our location.

We can monitor your home or business for you and notify you or the police if an event warrants it. You can sit back and let us do the work for you. We also can notify you if you have a hazard on your premises that exposes you to unnecessary liability – “DIC4 Liability Exposure Control”. Let us assist you with asset management, video storage and maintenance. We will record your video events at our command control center in Omaha, Nebraska; store the data; and give you a unique username and password for your Mac, PC or mobile device to view your cameras ANYTIME in real-time. Have full pan-tilt-zoom capability at your fingertips with ease.

We are trained in the most secure, advanced video management software in the world (used by the DEA and FBI) that holds up in court. Protect your livelihood, let DIC4 secure your business. We can send you nightly reports, video and still clips of any event, monitor when your company vehicles come and go with 24/7 recording and archiving.

Video Analytics integration – let DIC4 integrate “Smart Video” video analytics in to your surveillance system. This allows you to do so much:

  • Count traffic in your store
  • Determine what area of your store gets the most traffic
  • License Plate Recognition – LPR
  • Facial Recognition
  • Motion detection
  • DIC4-LOC “Liability OverSite Control” or L.O.C.
  • BA-SEC Behavior Analysis-Section

The most important reason to use DIC4 for your video monitoring is we are also licensed insurance investigators and adjusters. That means IF you have any of the following events:

  • Workplace injury
  • Slip and fall
  • Workers' compensation claim
  • Theft
  • Injury of any kind on your premises
  • Fatality

DIC4’s licensed insurance investigators and adjusters and our DIC4-LOC program, can observe the video, export the video in its native format (video chain of custody must be documented and video not be altered), submit a written investigative report to your insurance company based on our professional observations, physically investigate the incident, testify to our findings, submit evidence to the police at your request.

Finally, DIC4 can physically conduct a risk assessment at your location and provide a confidential report to notify you of any potential liability risks to your employees or customers allowing you to repair the problem proactively.

DIC4 “Sector Monitoring” offers a unique way to maximize your security surveillance system. Sector Monitoring uses multi-lens cameras in a single housing which provides multiple views from one vantage point allowing us to divide each view in to “Sectors”. This creates more efficient use of your monitoring budget.