Large Loss Scene Investigations

We have spent our entire careers in this industry.  We have worked thousands of complex files!  We work for Fortune 500 companies.  We know how to navigate the murky waters of catastrophic large loss claims. 

From commercial transportation to ocean marine to multi-claimant disasters.  We know how to structure our investigation and plan out our strategy to win.  Mostly, we know “WHAT COMES NEXT”. 

As we learn facts, knowing what questions to ask next is imperative to get a full broad picture – a picture that also includes all of the details within that broad picture.

We use drones and aerial imagery to paint you a clear picture of an area and scene.

  • Subrogation
  • Premium Fraud
  • Fatalities
  • Scene Investigations
  • Classification Code Discrepancies

We know what is important and how to get it… who to ask and what rocks to overturn!