About Us

Our History

Direct Insight Services, Inc. (DISI) was established in 1997 in Florida, first providing surveillance and investigations as a service to third-party administrators, insurance companies, and insurance defense firms.  We’ve been extremely successful in this area, which allowed us to branch out and simultaneously develop and engineer various types of proprietary surveillance systems for undercover and field work.  This gave field investigators and undercover operatives the ability to have real-time situational awareness and command and control of surveillance at their fingertips.

Direct Insight Services and Gunnar Christensen have been instrumental in developing and designing simple, easy-to-use cellular-based remote control surveillance systems (NOMAD portable surveillance systems).  Direct Insight has also built and designed systems utilized by the secret service, Customs and Border Patrol, and the military.

With Direct Insight’s many years of serving its customers with surveillance and investigations, we began implementing our military technology solutions in to our insurance-related investigations company-wide.  We recognized the success of this immediately, and this technology had a natural passage in to the private sector and commercial and insurance markets.  We began implementing this technology to fight fraud and detect patterns, all while allowing our clients a “real-time” look at what we see in the field.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard, creating trust and long-lasting customer relationships by establishing a clear pathway to meet our obligations.

Direct Insight’s mission is to be at the forefront of technology providing superior surveillance and investigative services.  Our tireless efforts detect and combat fraud, protect our insurance markets, and ultimately reduce the impact of fraud.

Advanced Surveillance Technology