Private Investigator
Omaha, NE

Omaha, Nebraska is our Midwest Headquarters and the hometown of our owner, Gunnar Christensen.   We relocated our HQ to Omaha in 2012, to be centrally located in the US, and so we could get closer to Gunnar’s hometown roots. Omaha has so much to offer in terms of opportunity and growth.  This city has grown tremendously over the last 25 years and is the 59th largest city in the United States.  Also, home to four Fortune 500 companies, Berkshire Hathaway, Kiewit Corporation, Mutual of Omaha and Union Pacific Corporation. 

Strategic Command at Offutt air force base is here too!  We greatly appreciate our men and women in the military.  

Direct Insight and our teams have gathered much of our experience in very difficult markets, such as Dallas, Houston, Miami, and the Southeast.  We feel this gives us a great advantage by using our lessons learned and bringing our set of skills to Omaha.  We are comfortable investigating difficult and challenging claims here in Omaha, or any rural area.

Rural areas present their own set of challenges.  The mindset of folks who live in rural areas and communities is vastly different then the mindset of folks in larger cities.  We know how to navigate these areas as well.  Whether our subject lives on a ranch, in the city, is English speaking, or Spanish speaking, we can handle it.

Omaha’s workforce and work ethic are another advantage to headquartering here!  Based on our experience, people in the Omaha and the Midwest just want to work and work hard.   We have many military and former military personnel here and we hire them!  We take great pride in supporting our veterans by hiring former military and current reservists.  We have adopted an outstanding military based training program for our investigators.  We teach them how to do surveillance the right way and investigate thoroughly.  We teach them, “what to do next”.

omaha ne private investigator