We are Direct Insight Services

We are investigators – investigators of the highest caliber!

From surveillance, to special investigations, we know how to solve problems and learn details!  We shoot high definition video and ultimately solve cases and report the facts back to you, efficiently.  This allows you to make decisions based on facts, facts that you can trust.  Trust, is one major key to our success.  We build a relationship with you and your teams, and we will get to know you on a first name basis.  Relationships build trust and when we report our findings, you can count on them.  We hold ourselves to a higher standard, creating trust and long-lasting customer relationships by establishing a clear pathway to meet our obligations.

DIC4 stands for Direct Insight - Command Control Communications and Consulting.  We take command and solve cases from our command and control center located in Omaha, Nebraska.  Communications comes from our direct line of communication with you, the customer, and excellent customer service.  Also, communication means our relaying data and information from our field investigators to our headquarters to you.

Our mission is to be at the forefront of technology providing superior surveillance, investigative services, and exceptional customer service.  The investigation and surveillance solutions and tireless efforts to detect and combat fraud make us the number one choice for your needs.  We use only HD 4k surveillance systems and streamlined software, and we are a services solutions based organization striving to reduce the impact of fraud.

Direct Insight is a leading investigations company utilizing innovative and proprietary military surveillance technology.  We have modernized investigative services to commercial customers and insurance markets worldwide.

Services Overview

Complex Claims and Complex Litigations!

We are the very best at investigating complex claims.  We have been involved with these types of files since 1992 and we learn, grow, and expand our knowledge base as new techniques and databases are born!  We have a vast knowledge of most types of losses in each different sector of our society, allowing us to know where to look for facts and details that most have never even heard of! 

Complex claims and complex litigation is where we fit best!  From business owners to offshore to trucking losses, NO ONE is more experienced!

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